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    Sunsilk Dream Soft & Smooth Conditioner (180 ml)

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    Sunsilk Dream Soft & Smooth Conditioner gives you beautiful moisturized hair.

    • Sunsilk Dream Soft and Smooth Conditioner is created using Ceramide Egg Complex, it cleanses and conditions even the driest and roughest of hair while acting as a softening agent to re balance hair condition while creating an outer protection layer to seal in moisture
    • Suitable for all hair types
    Additional Information
    Apply on wet hair post shampoo, let it remain for 1 minute and rinse. Sunsilk was launched in the UK in 1954. It is a hair care brand that is primarily aimed at women. It is produced by the Unilever group, which is now considered the world leading company in hair conditioning and the second largest in shampoo. Sunsilk shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products are sold in 69 countries worldwide. The Sunsilk hair care range provides a complete hair care solution and functions as a 3-step combination of cleansing, nourishing and manageability.


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