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    Panasonic EW3006 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

    Our Price:    $239.70

    Lets you measure blood pressure whenever and wherever you want.

    • easy="" alkaline="" allows="" among="" and="" anyone="" are="" around="" auto="" automatic="" batteries="" because="" blood="" both="" can="" capture="" careful="" comfort="" cuff="" easy="" ew3006="" feature="" for="" health="" help="" home
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    • an="" memory="" monitor="" monitors="" most="" needs="" of="" off="" or="" over="" own="" p="" panasonic="" panel="" period="" physical="" popular="" pressure="" products="" pulse="" range="" rate="" re="" readings="" runs="" s="" save="" shows="" simultaneously
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      Package Contents :Panasonic EW3006 blood pressure monitor

    • Two AA batteries
    • Operating instructions

      2 years Panasonic India warranty

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