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    Aroma Magic Triphla Hair Lotion (220 ml)

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    • Aroma Magic Triphla Hair Lotion is your one stop solution for all your oily hair problems

    • This conditioning and moisturising lotion normalises scalp oil secretion, gives volume to fine limp hair and prevents tangles
    • Helps to normalize over active oil glands
    • Helps in activating the blood circulation
    • Has a watery base which helps to control oil secretion
    • Has a refreshing fragrance
    • Contains pure essential oils and herbal extracts
    • Adds bounce and sheen to oily hair

    Additional Information

    Take one teaspoon of Triphla Hair Lotion and massage it into your scalp after shampooing with Triphla Shampoo and conditioning with Protein Hair Conditioner. Leave it on. It contains extracts of triphla, Indian penny worth, fenugreek, Indian gooseberry, neem, myroblan (bahera), chemlic myroblan (harad) and Indian valerina and pure essential oils of rosemary, lavender, cypress and lemon. For all your hair loss problems visit Purplle. Purplle is your one stop online cosmetics shopping store providing such hair growth products at affordable prices. Buy Aroma Magic at Purplle and get rid of all your oily hair problems.

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