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    Aroma Magic Anti-Dandruff Serum (10 ampoules) (Pack of 2)

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    Aroma Magic Anti Dandruff Shampoo is a product based on Aromatherapy concept. The Aromatherapy cosmetics are natural products, very distinct from the herbal field presenting a rare synergy of Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy. This Shampoo makes you forget all about your hair troubles.

    • Prevents Dandruff

    • Helps in curing chronic dandruff
    • Reduces scalp infection and flaky infection
    • Protects hair from itchiness
    • Controls hairfall

    Additional Information

    Brush hair with a round brush. Dampen hair, Aroma Magic China Rose Shampoo and massage into scalp for 10 minutes. Rinse of and towel dry your hair. Apply Anti Dandruff Concentration and massage it into scalp. Use twice a week. Buy Beauty Products such as this at measly rates only at Purplle. This product contains extracts of tea tree, rosemary, eucalyptus, Indian valerina, lemon Indian penny worth and pure essential oils of thyme, lemon, lime, lavender. Buy Aroma Magic at Purplle and enjoy a hair loss free summer. Purplle is an online cosmetics shopping store bringing you top of the line hair growth products at affordable prices.